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The Mission

G.I.Joe Ninja FORCE - These swift and silent commandos are the true elite forces for G.I.Joe and Cobra! Each Ninja warrior is fully capable of neutralizing an adversary in milliseconds with his spring-action, martial arts moves and lethal weapons!

G.I.Joe Ninja Force

T'JBang: 1992
Dojo: 1992
Banzai: 1993
Bushido: 1993
T'Gin-Zu: 1993
Scarlett: 1993
Nunchuk: 1993
Snake Eyes: 1993
Storm Shadow: 1992

Cobra Ninja Force

Slice v.2
Night Creeper
Night Creeper v.2
Red Ninja
Slice v.1

Special thanks goes out to SWAT Viper from our G.I.Joe Forums for providing My G.I.Joe Realm with these photos.

Be sure to visit our G.I.Joe Forums to give us your thoughts on this product.

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